Thursday, 22 June 2017

What's on at the EOI Calvià. English Department

Events at the EOI

Conversation classes with our language assistant

Follow the link for a complete timetable:


English Conversation Table

To all English enthusiasts out there! Come join EOI Calvià  English Conversation Table, our informal conversational meetings, to practise or converse in English with other students and natives alike in a fun and casual environment. Language tables meet weekly and they are free. They will be geared towards B2-C2 English speakers. The EOI Calvià alumni and the English community in the area are especially welcome.

When? On Fridays at 18.30 (the meetings resumed 28 Oct 2016)

Where? In Room 203 on the second floor at the EOI Calvià ( Bendinat)

Host EOI Calvià alumna Liliana Gibert


Language Exchange If you are interested in a language exchange, click here


Events in English Outside the EOI

Visiting Teacher Programme 2017-2018 

UK, USA &Canada

Enrolment 24/11- 13/12


Xmas Fair


Carols by Candlelight and Christmas Extravaganza

A festive fun night for both adults and children

When: Sat 10 Dec 17.30-22.30
Where: The Boathouse Restaurant (opposite The Auditorium)
How much: 5€ (you can pay at the door)



15-18 December at 7pm Matinee - 17th also at 4pm



Price: 20€

Conversations with Robin Griffith

For anyone interested in meeting and talking in English in an unhurried way. In an unhurried conversation, there is time to think differently and connect with people in a refreshing way. Unhurried isn't always slow, but it has a pace where people find it easy to join in and not feel crowded out. And listening can be as satisfying as talking. Please come along, and bring a topic for conversation if you wish. We'll use a simple format to create good, human interaction.
It is free of charge
For times and place of the meetings and joining in visit:
Shakespeare Film Series and talks


Films in English 
You can check what films in English our cinemas are currently showing:

Majorca Daily Bulletin: What's on Guide

Conversations with Dick Fleming

Every Thursday at Can Verger cultural centre (C/Major, 85) in Calvià at 18.15, Dick Fleming meets students who want to improve their speaking skills. It is free of charge. For further information you can contact the culture department at the Calvià town hall.
 Tel: 971 13 91 81 

Cine Club Costitx 
They meet once a month (the first Saturday of each month at 7.00 pm) ...

- to watch good films in company

- to watch good films in English with subtitles in English

After the film they usually sit and chat, share some food and drinks. It's a small group and they all enjoy the meetings. 

To become a member of the CineClub Costitx there is an annual fee of 10.- €.

Venue: Ca ses Monges in Costitx (Just park near the centre and ask for directions)
Please send an email either to or to to confirm your attendance.
You can fill in the subscription form either at the Town Hall or online or on Friday .... please take note that for legal reasons you have to be a member of the Cineclub to watch the films

Should you have any doubt please send an email to

or to Brigitte Fritsche <>


English Radio

- Radio OneMallorca  on 93.8 FM
- Talk Radio Europe
- English Radio Pollensa on 107.9  
- Spectrum Mallorca on 89.8 FM
- Sunshine Radio on 106.1 FM

You can also listen online to: 
- BBC Radio 4
- BBC World Service

Books and DVDs
Books and DVDs at the libraries and bookshops
International Programmes
If you want to take part in an international programme click here.

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Links C2

Vídeos per fomentar el debat:
Questions for peaking:
Movie Segments for Warm-ups and follow-ups
English pronunciation and sounds
Readings with audio and activities:
-  ESL-LAB. Randall´s Cyber Listening Lab: 
-  ITESLJ.  ESL: Listening: 
-  ManyThings- Interesting Things for ESL Students
-  Resources for Listening and Speaking Practice:
BBC- News in English from many different channels
Storyteller- Storytellers perform their stories
BBC interviews- interviews with very famous people: actors, actresses, singers, etc...
Focus English- Everyday conversations
NBC- Watch TV on the net
English the International Language- Listening comprehension exercises on various topics.
-          Movie segments to assess grammar:
-          Oxford grammar online
-          Oxford practice grammar Advanced