Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Euro Weekly Reporter in Mallorca visited our school.

Mrs Doreen Reeves, the Euro Weekly News (EWN) Reporter in Mallorca visited our school on Tuesday 27 Oct. Among other things, she talked about her job as a EWN reporter, she told us anecdotes and welcomed questions.
The event took place at 19:00 in room 5. The hostess was Miss Cati Mari Seguí.
We would like to thank Mrs Doreen Reeves for her visit. It was a real pleasure to have her in our school. Students were engaged and inspired by her talk. They asked many interesting questions. We would like Mrs Reeve to visit us again soon. We are looking forward to an encore.

On 5 Nov Mrs Doreen Reeves published an article about this event on The Euro Weekly News. We would like to thank her for having written it. We are delighted. It is a very good model for our students.

Euro Weekly at the EOI

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