Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Mr Alan Halstead's Presentation.

On Mo 20 Dec at 6.30 pm in room 4 Mr Alan Halstead gave a very interesting presentation. He talked about his life, languages and education.
Here you have a summary of some of the things he mentioned:

He said that when you study another language your life is richer because you have two perspectives, two ways of looking at things.

He also said that in this fast changing world English is one of the most important languages.

He also mentioned that our language school was the perfect environment to learn a language. He explained that on the one hand, learning a language on your own is a daunting task; and on the other hand, learning a language in the street not only lacks the structures needed to learn a language easily, but it would also look awkward to barge in on people on the street and say: "I want to speak English with you"

Finally, Mr Halstead spoke about his philosophy of Education. He said that schools are not about teaching but about learning and this means that students are the most important. He believes in a student centred learning where the teacher becomes an advisor. He also believes that schools should provide children with the tools they will need to perform successfully in an ever changing world. He believes that class sizes should be small ( he mentioned a class size cap of 15) and he also thinks that the best environment to learn is in contact with nature, not in a tower block where students are surrounded by concrete.

It was a pleasure to have Mr Halstead in our school. We would like to thank him for a very engaging talk.

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